My Night With A Brooklyn Escort

I’m a sucker for slim, busty, blonde female escorts. I was looking for Brooklyn escorts when I got here so I checked everywhere I could. Most of the sites like CL and BP are full of convicts, druggies, scam artists, bait and switch, stings, setups and definitely no blondes – so I don’t even bother. I tried all the search engines; google, bing, yahoo and called every number I could find until I stumbled on They seemed to be the only escort service that wasn’t crazy with their prices, had blonde females and even more important – can have someone at my place within 20 minutes.

My gut told me they were the real deal. The phone girl didn’t try to push me and was very casual about the whole thing. That’s always a good sign that they don’t need my business. Yet she was attentive and helpful and courteous enough to let me know that she valued my business. So it was a go.

I live in the Fort Greene Prospect Heights area of Brooklyn and if you are from Brooklyn for more thanĀ  years your opinion of the area might be flawed. In the past 5 years this area has done a complete 360. Now it is super fancy filled with yuppies and hipsters. So sometimes escort agencies might not want to make the trip to the area if they’re not aware of what it’s like as of recent. I get that. I mean back in the days the area was a little grimy and maybe dangerous.

Anyway, so Jan arrived just as the agent said in just under 20 minutes. Which was awesome. She was blonde. Not a real blonde but that’s not a big deal. I don’t care either way. She was thin, blue eyed and sexy as a model. I was happy. We spent some time talking about everything. She really made me feel comfortable. We partied a bit and I ended up keeping her for the entire night. I think it was one of the best times I’ve had with an escort from an escort agency in New York that services areas of Brooklyn. I am sure to call them again.

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